RD Training Systems Rick Kurtz – Founder / CEO

RD Training Systems’ success is built around the quality, expertise and passion of its team members, led by renowned speaker RICHARD KURTZ . RD Training Systems offers you the vision, motivation and tools to take your real estate business to the ultimate level.


Mr. Kurtz’s career in real estate training began in 1984. In 1986 he founded RD Training Systems and quickly built the company into the most successful training and seminar promotion company in North America, spearheaded by his Real Estate Productivity Training Symposiums, Seminars and Workshops.

In the last 10 years alone he has produced and promoted more than 2,000 seminars across North America. To date he is solely responsible for attracting more than half a million Realtors to his events.

Mr. Kurtz’s credits include promoting and managing self-improvement gurus such as Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar.

In addition, he has been personally responsible for promoting the most legendary speakers in the real estate industry such as Howard Brinton, David Knox, Bill Barrett, Rick DeLuca, Barb Schwarz, Rick Willis, Walter Sanford, Terri Murphy and many others. No one has represented more talent in the real estate industry.

Over the course of 26 years, Mr. Kurtz has developed and executed the blueprint for the ultimate sales training and development company, specifically designed for the real estate industry. From the outset, his aim has been to make education, innovation and cutting edge-information available to virtually any agent who thirsts for it. He is also the creator, co-creator and developer of many of the industry’s most successful training products and systems, as well as pioneering the active agent training revolution.

His recent accomplishments include past President and Co-Founder of the real estate industry’s first publicly held training company. Mr. Kurtz’s widespread reputation as a pioneer and career-maker in the sales, speaking and seminar industry enabled him to take them from infancy to national-player status in a few short months. Formed in May 1999, Mr. Kurtz successfully established this American Stock Exchange company.

By drawing on 26 years of experience as a pioneer and promoter of the industry’s top sales trainers, and an unmatched array of real estate industry contacts, he executed the first-ever exclusive agreement with Dearborn Publishing, the nation’s largest provider of continuing education in the real estate industry. This first and only agreement of its kind provides mandatory real estate continuing education on the Internet. He then spearheaded and executed exclusive agreements for North America’s largest franchise organizations – RE/MAX, Century 21, ERA, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and GMAC Better Homes & Gardens, to create and support their intranet training platforms. No one has ever reached such significant industry agreements of this kind.

In addition, Mr. Kurtz currently serves as a consultant to many of the largest real estate corporations, organizations, and affiliates in North America, assisting them in the development and strategy of their marketing plan, business strategy, and sales tools. He continues to bring audiences revolutionary sales and marketing concepts, equipping Realtors and other sales professionals with the knowledge and insight they will need to thrive in these dramatically changing times. Mr. Kurtz resides in Orange County California with his wife Chris and their children Ricky, Johnny and Scotty.

Author: Rick Kurtz

Rick Kurtz is CEO of Resource Dynamics a real estate success training company. RD Training Systems offers you the vision, motivation and tools to take your real estate business to the ultimate level.

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